WordOps demo run

WordOps – WordPress installation with single command

– WordOps: https://wordops.net/
– Documentation: https://docs.wordops.net/
– Commands: https://docs.wordops.net/commands/
– Demo WordOps Dashboard: https://demo.wordops.eu/

Install WordOps

wget -qO wo wops.cc && sudo bash wo



Service Port Inbound Outbound Notes
SSH 22 SSH default or custom port
HTTP 80 Nginx listen on port 80
HTTPS 443 Nginx listen on port 443
WordOps Backend 22222 WordOps backend is available on port 22222 and is password protected
GnuPG 1137   Required to import APT repositories GPG keys.

Proxy site

sudo wo site create site.tld –proxy=

Create WordPress Site

Cloudflare related info must be exported before creating a letsencrypt wildcard with cloudflare dns.
sudo -E command share exported info between user and sudo

export CF_Key=”sdfsdfsdfljlbjkljlkjsdfoiwje”
export CF_Email=”[email protected]

sudo -E wo site create abbaselmas.com --wpfc --php82 --le=wildcard --dns=dns_cf --user=changeme --pass='changeme' [email protected]
options			type		description
--web Group Nginx, PHP, MySQL, WP-CLI
--admin Group phpMyAdmin, Adminer, Dashboard, Netdata, MySQLTuner ...
--utils Group OpcacheGUI, Webgrind, Anemometer
--nginx APT package nginx stack
--php APT package Current supported PHP-FPM stack
--php74 APT package PHP7.4-FPM stack
--php80 APT package PHP8.0-FPM stack
--php81 APT package PHP8.1-FPM stack
--php82 APT package PHP8.2-FPM stack
--php83 APT package PHP8.3-FPM stack
--mysql APT package MariaDB stack
--redis APT package Redis stack
--wpcli Binary WP-CLI : WordPress CLI
--phpmyadmin Web App phpMyAdmin : Web interface for MySQL
--composer Binary Composer : PHP dependencies manager
--netdata Binary Netdata : Real-time monitoring suite
--dashboard Web App WordOps dashboard
--extplorer Web App eXtplorer Filemanager
--adminer Web App adminer (phpmyadmin alternative)
--fail2ban APT package Fail2ban : Bruteforce protection
--phpredisadmin Web App phpredisadmin : Web interface for Redis
--proftpd APT package proftpd stack : FTP server
--mysqltuner Binary MySQLTuner stack : MySQL tuning tool
--ufw APT package UFW : Firewall
--sendmail APT package Sendmail MTA
--ngxblocker Binary Ultimate Nginx bad bots blocker
--nanorc Binary Nano editor syntax highlighting
--brotli Config Enable/Disable Brotli compression if Nginx is installed
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