Termux launch screenshot on Android

SSH into Android with Termux

Install Termux from Fdroid or any APK sites you dont have to install Fdroid, you can directly download Termux APK https://f-droid.org/en/packages/com.termux/ Open Termux on your Android phone Install OpenSSH: pkg…
WordOps demo run

WordOps – WordPress installation with single command

Links- WordOps: https://wordops.net/- Documentation: https://docs.wordops.net/- Commands: https://docs.wordops.net/commands/- Demo WordOps Dashboard: https://demo.wordops.eu/ Install WordOps wget -qO wo wops.cc && sudo bash wo Prerequisits Ports Service Port Inbound Outbound Notes SSH 22…
panda5 chrome extension

Panda5 – A New Tab Chrome Extension

https://usepanda.com https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-W1f_t4nt4 There are multiple layouts.The ReaderFeed DeckEl ClassicoFront HandsLeft HandedDesign GeekCross EyedCockpit News Freak (my favorite) Panda5 Chrome New Tab Extension