Termux launch screenshot on Android

SSH into Android with Termux

Install Termux from Fdroid or any APK sites
you dont have to install Fdroid, you can directly download Termux APK


  1. Open Termux on your Android phone
  2. Install OpenSSH:
    pkg upgrade
    pkg install openssh
  3. Set up a password:
  4. Find your username by running this in Termux:

    Save this username for later. Might look like u0_a1310

  5. Find the host by running this in Termux:

    Look for something like inet addr:
    Save this value for later.

  6. Start the ssh server on Termux:

    Verify that it’s running with:

    logcat -s 'ssh:*'

    You should see something like “Server listening on port 8022”

  7. On your computer, SSH into your machine on port 8022 (default port):
    ssh <username>@<jjhost> -p8022
  8. Type in your password and viola! You’re accessing Termux from your computer.
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