WordPress Ping List 2015 – 276 links no duplicate

Updated to 276 links

WordPress has an Update Service option under the Settings > Writing. When you publish a post WordPress automatically try to ping these sites. It is very useful for SEO and your sites visibility on the net.

There are lots of lists out there. I have combined most of them and removed duplicate links for you and myself. Below list has 262 different RPC, ping links. Feel free to add any none listed links in comment and I will update the list accordingly. Also I didn’t check if there are still alive or not but in my opinion it doesn’t matter. Nothing wrong to ping a dead service.

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Multiple java versions and how to change defaults on linux

Ok here is the thing. You can have multiple java versions at the same time but you have to make one of them as default in order some Java environment filled by OS.

In my case my android build wants Oracle Java 1.6 and Upsource code review program wants Java 1.7. Uninstalling and installing every time is not a proper solution.

Thank Linux there is a hack for that. You can update your default java version with update-java-alternatives command which changes both javac and java version as shown below:
update-java-alternatives -l list the installed java versions then you can choose with -s option.
update-java-alternatives -s java-6-oracle
update-java-alternatives -s java-7-oracle

Also you can change java and javac separately with:
update-alternatives –config java
update-alternatives –config javac

Note: these commands need to be run with root permissions.
Thanks for reading.

Directly download file to server from URL PHP

Today I needed to download a huge file from internet and upload it to my hosting service. Even download is problem think about upload. Than I thought that PHP is a server-side script runs apparently on server-side which can handle this situation for me.

So little google search leaded me to a one line of PHP code which downloads file from url. Copy the below lines of code to download.php file, upload download.php to hosting service and trigger download with example.com/download.php. You can also look for the file at the same time with Filezilla by refreshing. I can say that within one minute or less script successfully download ~500Mb file.

Note: Most cpanel has extract option don’t worry about the archive formats

<?php file_put_contents("Tmpfile.zip", file_get_contents("http://someurl/file.zip")); ?>

You are most welcome ;)

Android KEYCODE list for remapping buttons

This is just an informative post. I will not write about how to remap buttons but give you the complete android KEYCODE list with their Linux KEY codes which you can also find in here(use expand paste button) There is also comprehensive introduction part in this paste. Please feel free to ask me your question in comments. I am planning to write about remapping android button from scratch. This paste and information originally comes from Android Source

Please kindly remember that If you make changes on ****.kl files you have to validate them with validatekeymaps command line tool. This file compiled within android build and its location is under android/out/host/linux-x86/bin folder. 

Thanks for reading, I hope it helps somebody.

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Use subdomain for images of your WordPress

Modern web browsers can only download a certain number of resources from a domain at once. By creating a sub-domain to serve resources from, you are effectively doubling the number of resources that a visitor’s browser can download at once – or in parallel.

Make a complete backup of your website. You have been warned.

How to Set WordPress to Serve Images From SubDomain

  • Create subdomain
  • Show WordPress where to upload images to
  • (optional) Update existing image links

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Hello world!

Yes, this is another hello world post just because I don’t want to remove the default hello world post on WordPress installation. Yeah you clever boy I have just installed WordPress (again). Here I have started the 2015 with English (at least I am trying dont harsh on me) blog of mine. I will no longer blog in Turkish, which is my native language btw, and try to keep up things in English.

Let’s be clear. I am NOT trying to change the world. I am a small geek man in hell of a big world. I will try keep this blog alive with small things from mostly about geek stuff. (maybe big things too)

Topics, update schedule, usefulness nothing is certain. Everything can happen in this blog. I have lots of internet projects I am working on. You mostly here about them and problems or obstacles that I have met in here and of course in my life. Continue reading

If a=1, how does ++a + ++a=6?

Answer by Aparajita Raychaudhury:

Oh dear! Indian teachers will never learn not to set this question. Ironically enough I have failed to explain to them why this a++ + ++a bullshit is totally nonsensical. They just love this question.

Like the only other correct answer on the page mentions, the behaviour is undefined. Which means a compiler can do exactly as it pleases when asked to convert this statement. It can convert in such a way that you get 5 or 6 or 99 or it could create code to wipe off your entire hard drive. It would still be a perfectly valid C compiler.

I wrote a pretty detailed explanation somewhere else on Quora, but unfortunately I can’t find it anymore. http://stackoverflow.com/questio… has every detail (and more) that you can ever want to know on the topic, with pretty useful links to further resources. But Stack Overflow can be a little overwhelming, so let me try putting this in simpler terms. (I may sacrifice absolute accuracy to understandability, so I suggest you go read the SO thread for the real deal, once you understand my approximation). [Edit: http://blog.regehr.org/archives/213 is a much better introduction to the topic though.]

C has a concept known as ‘sequence points’. Sequence points are basically a point in your code where the compiler guarantees to have finished off all evalutations. For example, a semi-colon at the end of a statement is a sequence point. So a C compiler guarantees that before it moves to the next code after a semi-colon, it will finish doing everything before the semicolon. So when you write a=b+c; printf(“%d”, a);, you know a will be printed as whatever is b+c, because there is a sequence point before printf, and hence the compiler guaranteed to finish the calculation before starting to print. But what order the C compiler executes statements within a sequence point can not be guaranteed. For example, if you write a=b++ + c++; you can’t guarantee whether b will be incremented first or c. In most cases it doesn’t matter, because no one cares what order it is evaluated in. But in some cases it does.

Now to come to undefined behaviour. The C language standard says that the value of a variable can change at most once within a single sequence point. If a code attempts to change a variable’s value more than once within the same sequence point, it is undefined behaviour. Which means the C compiler can do exactly whatever it wants. It can even format your root drive. Anything is fine.

So when you do something like a++ + ++a, you are attempting to change the value of variable a twice within the same sequence point. This is not allowed. Since you defied the holy laws of C, now the compiler can do anything it wants. And apparently it does. Which is why in your case it says 6, whereas other people using other compilers (or other versions of your compiler) get 5. It can even say 99. Or -99. Anything is correct. Because you broke the Holy Commandment. Which is why Sergey says that the answers you get is non-sensical. It could be just some random value the compiler decided to spit out on the spur of the moment.

And the worst part is, a single piece of undefined code makes the entire program undefined. The compiler can do absolutely anything it pleases, because, yeah, you know, you broke the law.

Good luck getting your teachers to even recognise the law though.

If a=1, how does ++a + ++a=6?

DigitalOcean ile VPS’e ilk adım

Digital Ocean vs Linode şeklinde aratırsanız çeşitli tartışmaları avantajları dezavantajları göreceksinizdir. Ben Digital Ocean‘ı tercih ettim. Kullanım kolaylığı olarak çok memnunum tavsiye ederim.

Bu link aracılığıyla kaydolursanız $10 krediniz de benden.

SSH key ekleme


Bilgisayarınızda önceden oluşturmuş id_rsa id_rsa.pub dosyaları var mı diye kontrol edin.

ls -al ~/.ssh

bilgisayarınızda önceden oluşturulmuş ssh key varsa 3. adıma geçin yoksa 2.adımdan devam edin.

2.SSH key oluşturun

ssh-keygen -t rsa

ya da direkt olarak ssh-keygen komutunu çalıştırın. Sizden passphrase isteyecek boş geçebilir ya da istediğiniz bir şifreyi seçebilirsiniz.

ana dizininize ($HOME) .ssh klasörü açıp id_rsa ve id_rsa.pub dosyalarını atmış olmalı.

3. DigitalOcean a SSH ekleme

bu kısımda mantık basit oluşturduğunuz dosyayı metin editörüyle açıp digitalocean da ssh key ekle seçeneğiyle açılan kısma yapıştıracak ve bir isim vereceksiniz.

Metin editörü ile açmak istemezseniz dosya içeriğini komple panoya kopyalan xclip uygulamasını kullanabilirsiniz Continue reading

Android için Kodi (XBMC) nasıl (Compile edilir) derlenir

Öncelikle Android derleme çevreniz (anroid build environment) hazır olmalı. Şurda anlatıldığı şekilde çalışma ortamınızı hazırlarsanız xbmc nin Android compile etmek için gösterdiği adımların çoğunu atlamış olacağız ve gerçekten en temiz ve en kısa Android environmet hazırlama rehberidir.

xbmc Android derleme dökümanı

Hangi XBMC sürümünü derleyeceğinizi seçmenizde fayda var şu an XBMC 14 sürümünde isim değiştirip Kodi ismini aldı ve çoğu tema 14 sürümünü (henüz) desteklemiyor. Continue reading

Lubuntu 14.04 network manager simgesi kayboldu

Not: Normalde böyle sorun çözümleri paylaşmayı sevmem fakat başıma geldi ve çok can sıkıcı bir durum olduğu için çözümünü paylaşmak istedim. Takipçilerimin affına sığınıyorum.

Lubuntu da bir sebeple sağ alttaki ağ simgesi kaybolduysa ve nm-applet olarak bilinen ağ aramayı sağlayan uygulamaya erişemiyorsanız,

Lubuntu açılırken lubuntu simgesi altında network manager ile ilgili hatalar çıkıyor ve boot uzun sürüyor ya da bitmiyorsa, Continue reading